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Things falling into place for Turkish automotive markets, says Opel CEO Huetti

May 20, 2024

Opel, introducing the new Frontera model from Istanbul to the world, has elevated its claim in the SUV class to the next level. Opel CEO Florian Huetti, after revealing that Türkiye is their third-largest global market following Germany and the UK, answered Türkiye Today’s questions following the significant announcements made during the global launch event

Exclusive by Ali Celik — Istanbul hosted yet another significant event as German automaker Opel unveiled its new SUV model, Frontera, against a stunning sea backdrop.

The launch, which brought together automotive journalists from around the world, featured top executives from Opel. CEO Florian Huettl shared important insights during the event, noting significant momentum in several European markets in 2023.

“When we look at Europe as a whole, we see that electric vehicles are beginning to take a 20% share. This is steadily increasing. In 2023, things started to fall into place in Türkiye as well, with a rapid rise in electric vehicle adoption,” he stated.

No Step Back in Electric

Huettl emphasized the growing global demand for SUVs and reaffirmed Opel’s commitment to the electric vehicle market.

“In line with Opel’s strategic choices, our plans for the electric vehicle market remain unchanged. We see positive dynamics and expect the market to grow over time. The Frontera launch is crucial for us, marking the end of the first phase of electric vehicles. We have seen a sudden increase in demand for electric vehicles, and Opel is ready to meet this demand,” he continued.

‘Türkiye important for us’

Huettl underscored the strong connections Opel has with its customers in Türkiye, highlighting the high level of trust in the brand. He revealed that Opel has made significant investments in Türkiye in recent years, saying: “We have revamped our entire dealership network and infrastructure.”

“Our sales and service staff have received top-tier training, and we have an excellent dealership network. Türkiye is always a priority for us. It is one of our three most important and largest markets after Germany and the U.K. Customers here know exactly what they want. We will continue to provide them with quality and affordable services,” Huettl added.

Ready to compete with China

Addressing a question about the recent growth of Chinese manufacturers in the European and US markets with affordable models, Huettl said: “We are in a highly aggressive and competitive environment today. New products are constantly being introduced, and new players are entering the market.”

“However, we learn from those who choose to buy Opel. It’s about trust in the brand; you are getting a German car. You have the opportunity to use German technology. Your driving experience is shaped by this design. Therefore, Opel, as a strong and traditional brand, upholds strong values from its past. Along with our ambitious models, we are also competitive and ambitious in our after-sales services.”

“We always try to think customer-first. If our customers are satisfied, we are successful. When it comes to Opel, people know very well where to get service. As a reliable brand with competitive products, we are well-equipped to handle many challenges ahead,” Huettl concluded.

Last Updated:  May 31, 2024 4:26 PM