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Turkish ‘white paradise’ welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024

Turkish 'white paradise' welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024 The view of thermal baths in Denizli’s Pamukkale in Turkey. (AA Photo)
By Newsroom
Jul 2, 2024 2:33 PM

Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomed 985,345 tourists from January to June 2024. This marked a significant increase compared to the 811,156 visitors during the same period last year.

Turkish 'white paradise' welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024
This extraordinary landscape was a focus of interest for visitors to the nearby Hellenistic spa town of Hierapolis, founded by the Attalid kings of Pergamom at the end of the second century B.C., at the site of an ancient cult, Denizli, Türkiye. (UNESCO Photo)

The surge in visitors is attributed to nighttime museum activities, which have made the site even more attractive. Tourists visiting Pamukkale, also known as Turkish “white paradise”, can experience its iconic travertine terraces, therapeutic thermal waters, and ancient cities.

In June, Pamukkale saw an average of over 12,000 daily visitors, with expectations that this number will be surpassed in July.

Turkish 'white paradise' welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024
A woman poses for the camera in Pamukkale, Denizli, western Türkiye, Sept. 19, 2021. (DHA Photo)

Tourism sector thriving

Gazi Murat Sen, vice president of the Türkiye Hotel Federation, expressed his satisfaction with the thriving tourism season. He noted that local and international guests have filled the region’s accommodations.

“Visitors heading to coastal areas don’t miss the chance to visit Pamukkale. The summer season has brought considerable activity to Pamukkale, similar to the bustling coastal resorts. We hosted nearly one million guests in the first six months. This is a joyous achievement for us. We anticipate further increases in tourist numbers in July, as indicated by the current high visitor turnout,” ” Sen said.

Turkish 'white paradise' welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024
The natural pools created by the carbonate travertines are spectacular during sunset. (iStock Photo)

Turkish ‘White Paradise’

Türkiye’s Pamukkale in Denizli province is renowned for its stunning white travertine terraces formed by calcium-rich thermal waters. These terraces, which resemble a frozen waterfall, have been attracting visitors for centuries.

Pamukkale, also known as “white paradise” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in western Türkiye and was added to the UNESCO list in 1988. It is “an unreal landscape, made up of mineral forests, petrified waterfalls and a series of terraced basins,” according to UNESCO.

Turkish 'white paradise' welcomes over 1M tourists in 2024
The thermal springs in Pamukkale. (Shutterstock Photo)

The thermal waters, believed to have healing properties, continue to draw tourists seeking both relaxation and cultural enrichment.

Besides the natural beauty, Pamukkale is home to the ancient city of Hierapolis, where you can explore historical ruins, including a well-preserved theater and necropolis.

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