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Gumushane researchers develop innovative water-saving system

Gumushane researchers develop innovative water-saving system Closeup of mans hands washing dishes in kitchen sink, Envato
By Ecehan Tanisik
Jun 22, 2024 1:00 PM

Dr. Selahattin Budak, Dr. Yusuf Yakut, and Dr. Harun Colak have introduced an innovative system that recirculates cold water until the desired temperature is achieved. The project is designed to minimize water wastage during the heating process in Gumushane, Türkiye.

The system, intended for integration into household combi boilers, stores cold water in a reservoir until it reaches a suitable temperature, after which it is reintegrated into the network.

This approach effectively reduces water loss typically experienced while waiting for hot water to flow.

Dr. Budak emphasized the system’s practicality for widespread adoption, stating, “Our patented method can be easily implemented in any home. We aim to eliminate or significantly reduce water waste, particularly during activities such as bathing or kitchen use.”

The invention has the potential to save substantial amounts of water in residential settings, contributing to environmental conservation and economic efficiency.

The researchers are open to collaborations that could further advance the project’s impact on national water conservation efforts.

Last Updated:  Jun 22, 2024 10:28 PM