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Iraq boosts border security with Türkiye and Iran with 8-stage plan

Iraq boosts border security with Türkiye and Iran with 8-stage plan People wait at the Habur border crossing between Türkiye and Iraq, March 1, 2020. (DHA Photo)
By Newsroom
Jun 25, 2024 8:53 AM

Iraq’s Ministry of Interior has announced the activation of an 8-stage plan and methods aimed at enhancing security along its borders with Iran and Türkiye.

According to a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) by Border Forces Commander Muhammed el-Saedi, Iraq has outlined specific plans and methods in 2 stages with Türkiye and 6 stages with Iran to bolster security along these critical borders.

Highlighting Iraq’s borders with six countries, el-Saedi emphasized their focus on securing borders with Iran and Türkiye. He noted that the longest border, spanning 1493 kilometers, is with Iran, and efforts have begun to secure the 300-kilometer stretch between Hanekin district and Pencevin subdistrict effectively.

el-Saedi acknowledged the presence of banned armed groups, specifically the PKK since the 1980s, in this region, stating efforts are underway to weaken their control.

Describing the 362-kilometer border with Türkiye as challenging due to its rugged, mountainous terrain often covered in snow for half the year, el-Saedi emphasized the historical absence of border posts between Iraq and Türkiye, which has allowed illegal armed groups to operate.

“We have initiated a two-stage collaboration with Türkiye,” el-Saedi explained.

“Firstly, establishing a joint coordination center between the two sides to ensure border security, and secondly, constructing border posts between the two countries.”

el-Saedi further disclosed plans for the construction of approximately 27 border posts along the borders with Türkiye, particularly in the cities of Duhok and Erbil, underscoring the significance of these developments for both nations.

He reiterated Iraq’s commitment to exerting serious efforts to ensure no terrorist elements threatening Turkey operate within its borders.

Last Updated:  Jun 25, 2024 8:53 AM