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Erdogan highlights AK Party’s renewal efforts at consultation meeting

Erdogan highlights AK Party's renewal efforts at consultation meeting
Jun 1, 2024 3:58 PM

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan emphasized the party’s commitment to inclusive governance during his address at the “31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting” in Kızılcahamam, Ankara.

Under the theme “Türkiye’s Common Mind,” Erdogan reiterated the party’s approach of engaging with the nation and consulting widely before making decisions. He stated, “We haven’t distanced ourselves from our people, nor have we built invisible walls. We have conducted politics for our nation, always in consultation with our people.”

The event, held at a hotel in Kızılcahamam, brought together supporters from across the country to discuss and evaluate the party’s strategies and initiatives.

Erdogan emphasized the importance of democratic participation and fraternity in these meetings, aiming for beneficial discussions for the country, the nation, and democracy.

He mentioned that they have engaged with participants in various settings and exchanged views, highlighting the unique significance of AK Party’s consultation meetings in Turkish politics.

Erdogan also announced plans to meet with mayors in Kızılcahamam on July 1-2 to review the past year’s three elections and assess the party’s responsibilities.

Throughout his speech, Erdogan underlined the party’s commitment to consultation, decision-making based on shared wisdom, and the inclusion of diverse voices in Turkish politics.

Erdogan stated, “We are fully aware of all the expectations conveyed to us by our people through the election results, including the foremost demand for change and renewal. We will definitely fulfill the messages’ requirements when the time comes.”

Within the framework of the meeting, Erdogan emphasized that they will discuss crucial topics concerning AK Party’s future without falling into any complexes, stating, “We will address the negative divergence between the May 14 and 28 elections and the March 31 election results comprehensively, without resorting to simplistic approaches. We have met with our provincial chairmen in addition to our central committee meetings. We have had the opportunity to hear their opinions firsthand. We have consulted the views of our valued friends whose opinions we value. We are evaluating each province and district separately. Based on information gathered from various channels, we are clarifying the picture, determining our roadmap, and defining the steps we will take.”

Erdogan highlights AK Party's renewal efforts at consultation meeting

Erdogan underscored that those who fail to receive a passing grade from the electorate cannot earn their approval, stating:

“During this (renewal) process, we are being very meticulous and careful. While strengthening our bonds with our people, we will not allow attempts to breach the walls of AK Party and the People’s Alliance. We will neither stand idly by while someone muddies the waters and pursues their personal agendas in murky waters, nor will we continue as if nothing happened. If we maintain our status as the hope of 85 million people, the secret lies in listening to the voice of the people and successfully updating ourselves under the guidance of our founding principles.

Up until now, in every aspect of our political life, from parliament to bureaucracy, from organizations to municipalities, we have successfully implemented change. Insha’Allah, we will keep our determination for change strong and dynamic. I urge you to share your thoughts with us without any veils, no matter how sharp they may be, your criticisms and observations. I want to make it very clear, we are here to see our strengths and weaknesses. We are here to correct our mistakes, increase the number of our correct decisions. We are here to engage in self-criticism with open hearts, to hold a mirror to ourselves and our party, and to find solutions to our problems with shared wisdom. We are here to strengthen our brotherhood, renew our covenant and pledge, and to march back on the road much stronger.”

Striving to keep our nation’s 1,000-year-old fraternity alive

Erdogan expressed his belief that they will transform the consultation meeting into a platform where AK Party and the country’s image are captured, problems are identified, and solutions are developed collectively.

Inviting participants to actively join the sessions to make the meeting as beneficial as possible, Erdogan thanked each participant on behalf of himself, the country, the nation, and AK Party.

Wishing the 31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting of AK Party to be auspicious for the country and the party, Erdogan stated, “Politics is the name of the strenuous struggle for the country and the nation. In our lexicon, politics has only one purpose, which is serving the people. That’s why we always say ‘politics of projects and services.’ That’s why we say ‘politics of brotherhood and hearts.’ We are striving to elevate Türkiye, ensure the well-being and peace of our people, and keep alive the thousand-year-old fraternity of our nation.”

President Erdogan highlighted the AK Party’s longstanding presence in Turkish politics during the “31st Consultation and Evaluation Meeting” in Kizilcahamam, Ankara. Emphasizing the party’s consistency over its 23-year history, Erdogan stated,  “We have always been, as we are, we have appeared as we are. We did not build our politics on tension, polarization, or division. When necessary, we raised our voice, got angry. When we saw an injustice, an illegality that hurt us deeply, we stood against it with all our might.”

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