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Iraq seeks $2.56B in missile defense from South Korea

Iraq seeks $2.56B in missile defense from South Korea
By Newsroom
Jun 3, 2024 10:36 AM

Iraq has urgently requested eight M-SAM-II air and ballistic missile defense system batteries from South Korea, valued at approximately $2.56 billion.

This underscores the urgent necessity for sophisticated missile defense systems in the Middle East.

The M-SAM-II, or Cheongung II, is a robust defense against aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. It was developed by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and is manufactured by LIG Nex1.

Its sophisticated radar system can simultaneously detect and track numerous targets, guaranteeing a high degree of precision.

The system also used hit-to-kill technology to neutralize threats through kinetic energy, minimizing collateral damage.

The M-SAM-II is in high demand worldwide, with recent contracts totaling $9.2 billion, including agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, South Korea is developing the M-SAM-III and L-SAM-II systems to improve its missile defense capabilities further.

Through strategic cooperation and acquiring military equipment, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have substantially enhanced Iraq’s defense infrastructure.

Both countries are leveraging their substantial military budgets and advanced defense industries to expand their regional geopolitical influence.

Their participation indicated more comprehensive defense strategies, including establishing indigenous defense industries to reduce dependence on Western arms suppliers.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE provide strategic military support, fortifying Iraq’s defense capabilities.

This highlighted the significance of their actions and solidified their geopolitical position in the Middle East.

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 6:31 PM