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Erdogan hails Ottoman military prowess on 571st anniversary of Istanbul conquest

May 29, 2024

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commemorated the 571st Istanbul conquest on Wednesday, hailing it as a momentous triumph in world and Turkish history.

“The conquest anchored our esteemed nation to a continent. Thanks to our heroic army’s military brilliance and resolve, Istanbul flourished under the tolerant and just governance of the great leader Mehmed the Conqueror, evolving into a vibrant center where diverse beliefs and cultures thrived,” the Turkish president said.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations on this significant milestone. To grasp the essence of this conquest, one must delve into the remarkable journey that led to this victory,” Erdogan added.

‘Significance of Istanbul’

Emphasizing Istanbul’s enduring significance, President Erdogan highlighted its role as a global nexus for business, finance, trade, art, culture and faith. This nexus bears testimony to its rich historical tapestry, which continues to inspire artists and captivate the world.

“The unwavering faith, determination and resilience exhibited by Mehmed the Conqueror and his gallant soldiers during the conquest resonate with us today as we strive toward Türkiye’s Century goals. On this auspicious occasion, I pay tribute to the memory of Mehmed the Conqueror and our revered martyrs who bequeathed this unparalleled gem to us, extending heartfelt greetings to all our citizens,” President Erdogan said.

7 weeks of battle

The day, May 29 marks the anniversary of the Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Istanbul, a pivotal event that reshaped the course of history.

On this day in 1453, under the command of Mehmed II, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror, the Ottoman army achieved a decisive victory by capturing Istanbul, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

This conquest marked the end of the Byzantine Empire and marked a significant milestone in the expansion and consolidation of the Ottoman Empire.

The conquest of Istanbul commenced on April 6, 1453, when the Ottoman army initiated the city’s siege. Following approximately seven weeks of intense warfare, the Ottoman forces successfully breached the city’s defenses and seized control on May 29, 1453.

This momentous event culminated when Ottoman soldiers breached the walls of Istanbul and entered the heart of the Byzantine Empire, consolidating the Ottoman Empire’s dominance in the region.

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