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Sea swimming banned in Karasu, Kaynarca and Kocaali due to rising drownings

Sea swimming banned in Karasu, Kaynarca and Kocaali due to rising drownings The beach is empy due to the ban, Sakarya's Karasu district, Türkiye, Anadolu Agency
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Jun 22, 2024 12:40 PM

Due to increased drowning cases, swimming in the sea has been banned in Karasu, Kaynarca and Kocaali in Türkiye.

The ban, effective for three days, was enforced by local authorities, who began removing citizens from the water. During the enforcement, a citizen in Kocaali was rescued from a near-drowning incident.

With the rise in temperatures, more people have flocked to the sea, leading to a significant increase in drowning incidents.

The northern wind, which has been powerful in the Marmara region over the past week, has heightened the dangers in the seas.

In response to adverse weather, the municipalities have implemented safety measures. As a precaution, swimming has been prohibited in the three coastal districts of Sakarya.

Sea ban in Karasu, Kaynarca and Kocaali

District governorships have banned swimming in Karasu, Kaynarca, and Kocaali because of adverse weather conditions, waves and rip currents. The ban will last for three days, starting today.

Rescue during ban

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Lifeguard Group Chief teams enforced the ban and evacuated citizens from the water.

Amid rising waves, a resident named Osman Yavuz faced a near-drowning situation in Kocaali. Lifeguards rescued Yavuz after he called for help from the waves.

Osman Yavuz described the frightening experience: “I survived a drowning incident. I entered the water, lay on my back, and drifted away from land. The further I swam, the more distant the land became.

I called out to my daughter. A lifeguard rescued me. Even though I knew how to swim, I couldn’t return alone. People should never swim when there are waves,” he said.

Authorities continue to monitor the situation and urge citizens to follow safety guidelines during the ban.

Last Updated:  Jun 22, 2024 10:27 PM
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