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Turkish defense industry companies excel in Türkiye’s top 500 Industrial Enterprises list

Turkish defense industry companies excel in Türkiye's top 500 Industrial Enterprises list Türkiye's national 5th generation fighter jet KAAN, Ankara, Türkiye, Feb. 22, 2024. (AA Photos)
By Anadolu Agency
Jun 26, 2024 11:12 AM

The results of the “Türkiye’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2023” study, prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), have been announced.

Turkish defense industry companies have attracted attention with their successes on the list.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), which designs and manufactures national air vehicles, is leading the defense sector in the ranking based on production and sales. TAI climbed 13 places to reach the 17th position with production sales of ₺55,183,358,122 ($1,673,744,559).

Aselsan, a pioneer in the Turkish defense industry, advanced one place to 19th with production sales of ₺53,625,427,894 ($1,626,491,595).

Roketsan, a key producer in the Turkish defense industry for rockets, ammunition, and missile technologies, rose 15 to 50th with production sales of ₺22,472,676,014 ($681,609,827).

Otokar, a manufacturer of commercial and military land vehicles, climbed 38 places to 59th with production sales of ₺19,738,359,970 ($598,676,371).

TAI Engine Industries (TEI), contributing to the Turkish defense industry with aviation engines, rose 50 to 140th with production sales of ₺9,872,597,081 ($299,441,828).

BMC Automotive, a producer of commercial and military land vehicles, dropped 19 places to 150th with production sales of ₺9,295,862,782 ($281,949,128).

345-place jump in military land vehicles

FNSS, a manufacturer of military land vehicles, made a significant leap of 345 places to 167th with production sales of ₺8,137,480,986 ($246,814,709).

Mechanical and Chemical Industry Cooperation (MKE) noted for its contributions to heavy weapons systems in the Turkish defense industry, fell 44 places to 181st with production sales of ₺7,787,621,255 ($236,203,253).

Havelsan, developing software-based solutions, climbed 17 places to 235th with production sales of ₺6,196,282,144 ($187,936,977).

Dorce Prefabricated, creating living spaces and special structures for both civilian sectors and the defense industry, maintained its position at 236th with production sales of ₺6,196,109,360 ($187,931,736).

Tumosan, producing commercial solutions and military vehicles and power units, rose 51 places to 240th with production sales of ₺6,008,249,915 ($182,233,846).

Koluman Automotive, manufacturing commercial and military trucks and tractor systems, advanced 164 places to 254th with production sales of ₺5,767,404,967 ($174,928,873).

Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS), a producer of light and medium caliber firearms in the Turkish defense industry, climbed 320 places to 424th with production sales of ₺3,443,072,198 ($104,430,457).

Alp Aviation, providing various solutions for air platforms, rose 27 places to 444th with production sales of ₺3,347,429,856 ($101,529,567).

Both FNSS and Samsun Yurt Savunma entered the top 500 companies for the first time last year with their remarkable achievements.

Last Updated:  Jun 26, 2024 12:24 PM