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Türkiye-Syria border reopens amid post-riot stability

Türkiye-Syria border reopens amid post-riot stability During demonstrations, an anti-Türkiye protester seen standing in front of a burning Turkish truck, Aleppo, Syria, July 1, 2024. (AFP Photo)
By Newsroom
Jul 9, 2024 3:23 PM

Following the complete restoration of security in northwestern Syria, controlled by the Syrian National Army (SNA), normalcy has returned to the region. As a result, the border crossings between Türkiye and Syria have reopened, allowing for both human and vehicle traffic.

In the opposition-controlled region, stability resumed after the violence, initially sparked by the Kayseri incidents and exacerbated by attacks from some armed groups on Turkish soldiers, was contained. On the other hand, 14 individuals identified as participants in the incidents, including flag burning, were arrested.

Previously, in the Kayseri province of Türkiye, local residents erupted in riots following an incident where a Syrian national was accused of molesting a small child.

Following these incidents in Türkiye, reports emerged that Syrian people attacked Turkish-registered vehicles and burned Turkish flags in areas where Turkish soldiers are stationed in Syria.

Human crossings normalized

The border crossings between Türkiye and Syria, closed following the disturbances, reopened for vehicle and human traffic one week later. Reports indicate that trade and human crossings have completely normalized at the border gates of Jarablus, Tell Abyad, Bab al-Salameh, Al-Hamam, Cobanbey (Al-Rai), and Bab al-Hawa.

Last Updated:  Jul 9, 2024 3:37 PM