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Zelenskyy inspects defenses in Kharkiv amid escalating Russian attacks

Zelenskyy inspects defenses in Kharkiv amid escalating Russian attacks
By Yagiz Efe Parmaksiz
Apr 9, 2024 4:48 PM

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visits northern Kharkiv region to assess defensive fortifications and seek foreign military assistance amid increasing Russian attack

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traveled to the northern Kharkiv region to evaluate defensive fortifications and mobilize support for foreign military assistance Tuesday, showing defiance against the increasing Russian onslaught.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Kharkiv reports that three people were injured when Russia launched a guided bomb into the city just as Zelenskyy was leaving for his visit. The aforementioned event highlights the growing influence that Moscow is placing on the area.

Zelenskyy highlighted the importance of the region on Telegram, saying, “Kharkiv region is a very important area. We have to be prepared.”

“The Russians must see that we are ready to defend ourselves,” Zelenskyy further added.

With Kharkiv, the second-biggest city in Ukraine, under constant shelling, Zelenskyy has been outspoken in his requests for further military support from allies in the West.

The scarcity of vital ammunition and air defense equipment makes defending the nation’s cities against Russian missiles, drones, and bombers even more difficult.

“Kharkiv needs robust defense. There is a solution to Russia’s constant terror. We need air defense systems and missiles for them,” Zelenskyy reiterated earlier on Tuesday, highlighting the urgent demand for defensive resources.

The longer the fighting goes on, the more Zelenskyy has been pleading for help from outside. He stressed it is morally required of the international community to counter Russia’s terrible assault.

“The world has no right to remain indifferent while Russia deliberately destroys the city day after day and kills people in their homes,” Zelenskyy stated, emphasizing the urgent need for action to halt the violence.

A $60 billion aid package for Ukraine has been stuck in U.S. Congress since last year because of internal political differences, which has hindered efforts to gain comprehensive funding.

Zelenskyy has cautioned that Ukraine’s capacity to endure the extended struggle may be compromised if Washington fails to provide enough assistance. Underscoring the crucial role that foreign assistance plays in Ukraine’s military policy, Zelenskyy had said on Sunday that “Ukraine will lose the war if Washington does not deliver sufficient aid.”

Source: AFP

Last Updated:  Jun 3, 2024 4:35 PM