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AK Party municipalities implement stringent austerity measures

AK Party municipalities implement stringent austerity measures
By Newsroom
Jun 1, 2024 9:10 AM

AK Party-led municipalities have begun implementing new austerity measures following Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek’s directives.

New saving package

In May, Türkiye unveiled a new savings plan to redefine public spending and enhance efficiency. The plan, announced on Monday, will prioritize essential state investment projects while curbing unnecessary expenditures.

Simsek outlined three fundamental pillars of expenditure measures: “Firstly, savings in the public sector; secondly, discipline in budget expenditures; and thirdly, efficiency in public investments.”

He specified eight main areas of public savings, including vehicles, buildings, public employment, administrative efficiency, overseas temporary assignments, energy and waste management, communication expenses, and other current expenditures.

Shared vehicle pool

Local administrations are implementing cost-saving measures by establishing a shared vehicle pool and reducing the number of official cars. Supervisors are mandated to utilize vehicles from this pool during working hours, while senior management is encouraged to use their means for commuting. This initiative aims to optimize resources and ensure efficient vehicle usage, with all vehicles returned to the garage outside of working hours.

Shift work system

To utilize public resources more efficiently, a monthly fuel limit has been imposed on vehicles. Employees are also encouraged to work in shifts to avoid overtime. Tight monitoring during working hours aims to increase efficiency in public services. To reduce the heavy burden of vehicle maintenance costs, repairs will now be conducted in workshops under the municipalities’ public works departments.

Ban on promotional items

Moreover, a ban has been placed on purchasing promotional items such as agendas, pens, calendars, brochures, bags, power banks, USB drives, watches, pins, plaques, medals, and similar gifts. Concerts are also facing restrictions. These austerity measures will be implemented rigorously, with new policies expected to be introduced in the coming days.

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 5:04 PM