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German magazine hails Togg T10X as impressive ‘Turkish Tesla’

May 26, 2024
In a recent article, the German automotive magazine Auto Bild praised Türkiye’s national car, Togg. The magazine compared Togg’s T10X model to a “Turkish Tesla.”
The article, titled “The Turkish Tesla is Good,” highlighted the digital ecosystem of the T10X and gave high marks to its interior and exterior design. It noted that before Togg, Türkiye produced 1.5 million vehicles annually and exported more new cars to Europe than Americans, Japanese, or Koreans, yet lacked a national brand.
This changed six years ago when a group of Turkish industrial giants from key sectors like mechanical engineering, commerce, electronics, and communication came together to establish the first modern car manufacturer.

Massive earthquake-resistant factory

The report stated that Togg was conceived with the idea of transforming into an integrated high-tech group with a digital ecosystem, in contrast to traditional energy, charging networks, and car sales. It recalled that Türkiye’s Tesla was first showcased at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas.
The article mentioned the construction of a massive earthquake-resistant factory in Gemlik, Bursa, and noted that 1000 charging stations were ordered and are being installed nationwide. The first model, the T10X, aims to compete with electric cars like the VW ID4, Renault Megane E-Tech, Tesla Model Y, and the new Audi Q6 in the mid-size SUV segment.

T10X has same features as competitors but at better price

The T10X is offered at a more affordable price than its competitors, with the base version selling for ₺1.4 million ($43,480.82) in Türkiye. Auto Bild reported that Togg plans to produce over 40,000 vehicles this year and aims to expand sales beyond Türkiye, with the national car expected to be available in Germany starting this fall.
The article also praised Togg CEO Gurcan Karakas, who grew up near Bielefeld and trained at Bosch. It noted that Karakas understands the world doesn’t need another electric SUV startup, so he takes things a step further by referring to the car as a smart device on wheels, like all visionary leaders. The report highlighted that the T10X has a larger driver display than its competitors and is equipped with various applications.
Last Updated:  Jun 1, 2024 2:08 AM