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Turkish-made accessibility app to extend services to Baku, Azerbaijan

May 3, 2024

Turkish-developed mobile app providing voice-commanded assistance for disabled and elderly passengers on public transport prepares to launch in Baku, Azerbaijan

The “Made in Türkiye” project, which directs disabled and elderly individuals to municipal public transportation vehicles with voice commands and ensures their smooth access to services, is set to launch in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku following many municipalities in Türkiye.

Adem Yilmaz, director of sales and marketing at Teknar Technology, provided information about the project, which is currently being evaluated for use in Azerbaijan after Türkiye.

Yilmaz said that they developed the “Accessible Mobile Application Project” after being deeply affected by a disabled person’s inability to board a public transportation vehicle two years ago in Istanbul.

He said the project’s aim is to find solutions for those experiencing similar difficulties, and the application has started to be used in many municipalities in Türkiye.

Yilmaz also mentioned that the project has attracted the attention of foreigners, stating, “Our project has also been highly praised by the officials of Baku Municipality in Azerbaijan. We are making final preparations for the installation of this system there. We will start working to install the system in Baku soon.”

Removing barriers in public transportation

Describing the application, which removes barriers in transportation, Yilmaz said: “The application we developed is integrated into the disabled and elderly cards obtained from municipalities. Similarly, it is loaded onto public transportation purposes. In this way, disabled and elderly individuals can use the application installed on their phones with voice commands.”

According to Yilmaz, users can add their current location using and desired destination to the application voice command. Subsequently, the app provides real-time updates on the estimated arrival time of public transportation vehicles at their designated stops. This information is also mirrored on digital screens within the vehicles themselves.

This technology enables vehicle operators to anticipate the presence of disabled or elderly passengers at upcoming stops, allowing for more proactive assistance. Additionally, caregivers can stay informed about the whereabouts of their charges through the app’s location-tracking features.

Source: Newsroom


Last Updated:  May 28, 2024 3:19 PM