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Turk Telekom supports earthquake-affected women with digital project expansion

Turk Telekom supports earthquake-affected women with digital project expansion Turk Telekom expands "Life Made Easy in Digital," focusing on women impacted by earthquakes with enhanced support and education (AA Photos)
By Anadolu Agency
Jul 9, 2024 3:50 PM

Turk Telekom has increased the number of beneficiaries and supported initiatives in the new phase of its “Life Made Easy in Digital” project, prioritizing women affected by the earthquakes on Feb. 6, 2023.

According to a statement from the company, Turk Telekom contributes to sustainable economic growth and societal development by transferring its technological expertise across various aspects of life. Standing out with its innovative products and services, Turk Telekom supports the active participation of disadvantaged groups affected by economic, social, regional or physical factors.

In 2019, Turk Telekom launched the “Life Made Easy in Digital” project in collaboration with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Habitat Association. Together with its project partners, Turk Telekom continues the new phase of training.

The new phase aims to provide education primarily to women affected by earthquakes to support regional development. The project aims to enhance women’s digital literacy and digital marketing skills, enabling them to participate more actively and equally in economic and social life.

Under the project, digital literacy and digital marketing training have been provided to 15,000 women to date.

20 initiatives will receive grant support in new phase

In the new phase of the “Life Made Easy in Digital” project, both the number of targeted individuals and initiatives receiving mentoring and grant support have been increased. By the end of the period, 500 women selected from participants in digital marketing training will have the opportunity to experience a detailed evaluation of their initiatives’ target audiences through design thinking workshops and to conduct effective market and customer analyses.

Among the 500 women completing the workshops, 40 female entrepreneurs selected will receive mentoring support from experts on various issues ranging from problems encountered in e-commerce processes to challenges faced in expanding their initiatives.

Further, 20 female entrepreneurs selected through jury evaluation after completing the mentoring process will have the opportunity to receive grant support to grow their initiatives.

Participants from earthquake-stricken regions or those whose initiatives are impacted by earthquakes will be prioritized in mentoring and grant processes, which are open to participation from every province in Türkiye.

‘We aim to reach 15,000 women by year-end’

Zeynep Ozden, deputy general manager of marketing and customer experience at Turk Telekom, emphasized that sustainable development can only be achieved through inclusive solutions and supportive measures for equality.

Ozden stated that Turk Telekom continues to develop projects that transform technology into goodness and benefit under the understanding of “Valuable to Türkiye,” supporting the participation of women in regional economies by enhancing their digital skills. She highlighted, “We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through inclusive solutions and reducing inequalities.”

Emphasizing their focus on contributing to the development of the earthquake region in the new term through online and face-to-face trainings, Ozden underlined their prioritization of applications from the region in mentoring and grant processes.

Ozden also noted that since the start of the new term in March, they have provided training to over 3,000 women under the project, aiming to reach 15,000 women by the end of the year. She added, “With the support of our stakeholders and volunteer trainers, we support women who are not employed due to various reasons to reveal their potential, advance their initiatives, and thus participate equally and strongly in economic and social life.”

Hatice Guner Kal, vice president of the Women Entrepreneurs Board of TOBB, reported that they have carried out many activities to encourage women to take on more roles in all areas of society and towards entrepreneurship with their 7,000 members from 81 provinces.

Kal indicated their intention with the “Life Made Easy in Digital” project to enhance the digital and technological skills of women in earthquake-affected regions, stating, “We believe that preparing them more robustly for the rapidly digitizing new world order will be one of the most important ways to achieve strong economic growth.”

‘Accelerating Türkiye’s transformation into digital economy’

Hansın Dogan, program manager at UNDP, noted that they have taken concrete steps with the project to shape a more inclusive digital economy in Türkiye that offers equal opportunities.

Dogan also emphasized that a true recovery and sustainable development in the earthquake-affected region can only be achieved through the efforts of women and their active participation in the workforce.

He stated, “In the new phase, we aim to focus on helping entrepreneurial women in the region gain the digital skills they need and providing them with the support they need to grow their businesses.”

Nesrin Serin Onkardesler, vice chair of the Board of Directors at Habitat Association, explained that they continue their projects focused on entrepreneurship, digital transformation, inclusive and sustainable growth in line with sustainable development goals.

She emphasized their support for enhancing women’s digital skills and competencies, encouraging their participation in social and economic life. She added, “We will continue our workshops, mentoring, and grant support to support women with entrepreneurial potential, prioritizing the development of the earthquake-stricken region.”

Last Updated:  Jul 9, 2024 3:50 PM