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6th Ethnosport Culture Festival for all ages begins in Istanbul

Javelin throwing game, Ethnosport Culture Festival. (Photo by World Ethnosport Confederation)
By Newsroom
June 6, 2024

The 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival, organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation, has started in Istanbul and will last for four days. The event, held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, allows visitors to participate free of charge.

The festival gathers participants from 30 countries and hosts events on various topics, such as traditional sports, games, arts and gastronomy.

The festival offers various activities that appeal to visitors of all ages. Visitors can experience traditional sports such as archery and horse riding, accompanied by professionals, free of charge. Workshops provide the opportunity to explore traditional arts.

Visitors can learn about traditional sports and games throughout the festival and raise awareness of issues such as nature and animal communication.

Special events are also planned for children. Children, along with their families, will have a pleasant time learning traditional sports and games. Events and competitions for disadvantaged groups will add color to the festival.

Special activities, such as hippotherapy, a visually impaired mangala tournament, workshops, and performances by disabled artists, will offer accessible opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

The festival offers visitors a unique experience with flavors from different cultures. The World Ethnosport Confederation provides a taste of world cuisine, alongside unforgettable performances by the Karabakh Horses. The festival also features handicraft workshops and many shows and activities.

A photography contest organized as part of the festival will capture the most beautiful shots of the events and atmosphere. This competition is organized by the Turkish Federation of Photographic Arts in cooperation with the World Ethnosport Confederation, which aims to revive traditional sports and games.

The 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival offers an unforgettable experience full of activities that appeal to visitors of all ages. Full of traditional sports, cultures, and events, this festival promises memorable moments in the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul.

By Newsroom Last Updated:  Jun 7, 2024 12:53 PM