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Euro 2024 ignites football frenzy across Europe with emerging young stars and seasoned legends

Euro 2024 ignites football frenzy across Europe with emerging young stars and seasoned legends General view of a giant replica football outside Munich Football Arena ahead of Euro 2024 (Reuters)
By Yusuf Ulucam
Jun 14, 2024 5:01 PM

The heart of European football beats with teams featured in the 2023/2024 UEFA rankings, showcasing a blend of young talents and experienced players. With an average age of 27, these teams collectively represent a wealth of approximately €11.46 billion.

In Group A, Germany stands out with an average age of 28, boasting a seasoned squad.

The team’s oldest player, 38-year-old Manuel Neuer, continues to inspire confidence as goalie. Meanwhile, the youngest player, 20-year-old Aleksandar Pavlovic, has a promising future in football.

With Thomas Müller leading in game appearances at 129, the team’s total value is €851 million, with Florian Wirtz being the most valuable player at €130 million.

Group B features football giants like Italy and Spain. Italy, with an average age of 26, and Spain, with an average age of 27, blend experience and youth.

Spain’s youngest player, Lamine Yamal at just 16, holds immense potential. Nicolo Barella stands out as Italy’s most valuable player at €80 million.

Groups C and D showcase powerhouses like England and France. England’s staggering total value of €1.52 billion and France’s €1.23 billion highlight their wealth of talent. With young stars like Jude Bellingham at €180 million for England and Kylian Mbappe matching that value for France, these teams are formidable contenders.

Groups E and F feature rising stars such as Belgium, Ukraine, and Türkiye. Türkiye, with an average age of 25, stands out as one of the youngest teams.

With a total value of €324.1 million and an average player value of around €12.47 million, Türkiye’s dynamic squad is led by Hakan Calhanoglu, valued at €45 million and with 85 national team game appearances.

Türkiye’s youngest player, Semih Kilicsoy at 18, shows great promise.

The presence of both young talent and experienced legionnaires from various European leagues enhances Türkiye’s international experience, providing tactical diversity and adaptability.

As the tournament unfolds, Türkiye’s young and talented squad, guided by experienced players, raises anticipation. Each match is a test for these young prospects, promising excitement for Turkish football fans. The journey of Türkiye in this tournament offers a compelling story of rising talent and their performance on the international stage.

The tournament also features legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric, adding to the spectacle.

Ronaldo, with a record 206 national game appearances, remains a crucial force for Portugal.

This grand celebration of European football presents each team’s unique narrative and their quest for victory. With young talents shining, experienced leaders guiding, and national pride on display, this tournament promises unforgettable moments for football enthusiasts.

Last Updated:  Jun 24, 2024 5:09 PM