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Paris mint assures smooth sailing for Olympic medal production despite protests

Paris mint assures smooth sailing for Olympic medal production despite protests
By Yagiz Efe Parmaksiz
Apr 8, 2024 11:15 PM

French National Mint confirms that the production of medals for the Paris Olympic Games is not affected by recent protests and work stoppages by staff

The French National mint assured the public on Monday that production of the medals for the Paris Olympic Games remains unaffected despite recent protests and work stoppages by staff, dating back to last month.

Approximately 50 employees gathered outside the mint’s central Paris headquarters on Monday, voicing concerns that interruptions over the past two weeks had hindered the production of medals in anticipation of the Games, set to commence on July 26.

In response, the mint issued a statement refuting claims of stalled production. “Production of the medals is not blocked,” the statement affirmed. “All of the medals have been minted, and we are in the final stages of finishing. We are committed to delivering on schedule and as planned.”

The protesting staff, represented by various trade unions, are advocating for an “Olympics bonus” akin to what other state employees, such as police officers and nurses, are receiving for their service during the Olympics and Paralympics in July and August.

Management at the mint, however, has declined to offer bonuses and is currently engaged in negotiations for annual pay increases for its 430-strong workforce.

These employees are tasked with crafting approximately 5,000 gold, silver, and bronze medals slated for use during the Games.

Notably, the Paris 2024 medals boast a unique origin, being fashioned from recycled metal, with each containing a small hexagon-shaped medallion cut from discarded metal sourced from the original Eiffel Tower. The design concept comes courtesy of the luxury French jeweler Chaumet.

Earlier reports in January suggested challenges in finding a suitable non-toxic substance to coat each medal, with concerns raised about protecting the puddle of iron sourced from the Eiffel Tower from rust caused by air and humidity.

However, the mint has since refuted these claims.

As preparations for the Paris Olympics continue, assurances from the mint regarding medal production aim to allay concerns and maintain momentum toward the highly-anticipated sporting event.

Source: AFP

Last Updated:  Jun 3, 2024 4:35 PM