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SOCAR Türkiye denies selling crude oil to Israel

SOCAR Türkiye denies selling crude oil to Israel
By Newsroom
Jun 3, 2024 4:22 PM

The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic’s (SOCAR) Türkiye highlighted that all its activities are conducted within the framework of international business agreements, stating that “allegations suggesting that SOCAR is currently selling crude oil to Israel are baseless and aim to mislead the public deliberately.”

SOCAR Türkiye released a written statement addressing the unfounded allegations circulating on social media regarding the sale of crude oil to Israel. The statement from the company includes the following remarks:

“Amid recent geopolitical developments in the region, certain provocative groups have been targeting SOCAR Türkiye and its group companies through specific protest actions, both on social media and through physical demonstrations.”

The company said that these provocative groups have been making unfounded allegations claiming that our company has a crude oil trade relationship with Israel, inciting provocative posts on social media and conducting physical attacks that put the safety of our employees at risk.

“The continuation of provocative actions with escalating violence, such as those that took place at our Istanbul headquarters on March 12, May 29, May 31, and June 2, and at our Bursagaz office building in Bursa on May 24, poses a danger to the safety of our company employees,” read the statement.

“In line with the vision set forth by our parent company, SOCAR, we conduct all our activities within the framework of international business agreements. In this context, allegations that SOCAR is currently selling crude oil to Israel are baseless and aim to deliberately mislead the public. The world crude oil sales market has unique characteristics, and the crude oil produced is sold through trading companies or intermediaries.”

“Supply companies cannot control or intervene in which countries the crude oil is transported to or for what purposes it is used. Therefore, in line with our ongoing normal sales relationships with trading companies in the market, it is not possible for us to control or intervene in the shipment of crude oil procured from SOCAR to which countries it is sent or for what purpose it is used,” the statement highlighted further.

The company said that its investments and collaborations are shaped by the strong fraternal and friendly ties between Türkiye and Azerbaijan, strategic alliances, and people’s mutual interests.

“Over the 16 years since we began operations in Türkiye, with investments totaling approximately $18.3 billion, we have become Türkiye’s largest foreign investor and the largest integrated industrial group, with around 5,600 direct and over 10,000 indirect employees in different provinces, operating in the oil and natural gas sector through our group companies, and executing strategic mega projects such as the STAR Refinery and TANAP. We continue our efforts to expand our existing investments in Türkiye with new investments,” the statement read.

“In addition to our contribution to closing the energy deficit, we work with all our might for social benefit, starting with the contribution we provide to the economy and employment we create, and through various corporate social responsibility projects, especially in the regions where we operate.”

“In the earthquake disaster, from the first day onwards, we have stood by the brotherly Turkish people, and continue to do so by providing free fuel support and delivering basic needs to the region. We provide educational support to over ten thousand students in eleven schools we have established in various cities in Türkiye. With awareness of our social responsibility, we continue our efforts in education, environment, and social areas,” the statement added.

While we categorically reject the unfounded allegations put forward by a group of provocateurs, we kindly request that no attention be paid to these baseless statements and actions aimed at manipulating public perception and harming our century-old brotherhood bond.

“We will continue to work for the common interests and prosperity of the Turkish and Azerbaijani people. As stated in our company motto, we are always Together. We are Strong,” the statement concluded.

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 6:15 PM