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Trump and Biden clash in fiery first debate of US Presidential Race

Trump and Biden clash in fiery first debate of US Presidential Race US President Joe Biden and former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump participate in the first presidential debate of the 2024 elections in Georgia, United States, on June 27, 2024. (AFP Photo)
By Newsroom
Jun 28, 2024 6:48 AM

US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump engaged in a heated exchange of personal attacks and policy critiques Thursday night, marking the first debate between a sitting president and his predecessor in U.S. history.

The debate, held at CNN headquarters in Atlanta with no live audience and strict rules on microphone use, showcased a confrontational tone as both candidates sparred over their records and visions for America’s future.

Trump, known for his aggressive debating style, wasted no time in criticizing Biden’s handling of the economy and foreign policy. “It’s a shame what’s happened to our country in the last four years,” Trump asserted, emphasizing his perception that America’s global standing has declined under Biden’s leadership.

Throughout the debate, Biden’s delivery appeared strained, with reports suggesting he was battling a cold. Despite this, he managed to challenge Trump on issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy decisions. “My son was not a loser, was not a sucker. You’re the sucker. You’re the loser,” Biden countered in response to Trump’s alleged remarks about fallen US soldiers.

Trump, 78, criticized Biden’s coherence and attacked his policies on various fronts, including immigration and international relations. He accused Biden of weakness on issues like supporting Israel against Hamas and handling the withdrawal from Afghanistan, labeling it “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country.”

The debate also saw clashes over domestic issues such as abortion rights and the Supreme Court. Biden criticized Trump for appointing justices who threatened Roe v. Wade, a decision protecting abortion rights nationwide.

Following the debate, reactions from Biden’s camp reflected disappointment in his performance. Former Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield acknowledged it was “a really disappointing debate performance” from the president.

The showdown between Biden and Trump sets the stage for a contentious election cycle, with both candidates aiming to sway undecided voters in a deeply divided United States. As the campaigns intensify, the debate’s impact on public opinion and the political landscape remains to be seen.

Last Updated:  Jun 28, 2024 11:13 AM