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‘Time to accept defeat’: Retired Israeli general admits Israel can’t win Gaza war

'Time to accept defeat': Retired Israeli general admits Israel can't win Gaza war Relatives and friends of Israeli soldier Yossi Cohen, who was killed by Palestinian gunman, in Israeli-occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, December 14, 2018 (Reuters Photo)
By Newsroom
Jul 9, 2024 4:54 PM

Retired Israeli Major General Yitzhak Brik has stated that Israel cannot achieve victory over the Palestinian resistance group Hamas in the Gaza Strip in a candid and striking admission.

In an article for Haaretz, Brik called on Tel Aviv to accept the reality of the situation and recognize their inability to win the conflict.

“We continue to fight in Gaza, repeatedly attacking the territories we occupy, launching meaningless raids, and paying for it with blood,” Brik wrote.

He noted that while the Israeli army has succeeded in destroying buildings; it has failed to stop Hamas, which continues to operate from its extensive tunnel networks.

Brik highlighted the cyclical nature of the conflict, where the losses sustained by Hamas are quickly replaced by young fighters, perpetuating the war to Israel’s detriment.

“Israel lacks the necessary manpower to achieve any of its goals,” Brik argued, asserting that the Israeli military cannot secure a victory against Hamas, urging the government to acknowledge defeat.

Previously, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had outlined three primary objectives for the attacks on Gaza: the elimination of Hamas, the release of prisoners, and ensuring absolute security for Tel Aviv. However, 10 months into the offensive, none of these goals have been met.

“Israel will not defeat Hamas. It is time to accept that we have lost because continuing the war will not bring victory. On the contrary, it will only lead to a more painful defeat for Israel,” Brik emphasized in his article.

In an earlier piece for Maariv on June 24, Brik similarly stated: “Tel Aviv is as far from defeating Hamas as the East is from the West.”

Since Oct. 7, Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have resulted in the deaths of at least 38,243 Palestinians, including 15,694 children and 10,279 women, with 88,033 others wounded.

Many remain buried under rubble, while hospitals and educational institutions, where civilians sought refuge, have also been targeted and destroyed.

Last Updated:  Jul 9, 2024 8:19 PM