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Head Coach Montella addresses concerns as injury clouds Türkiye-Italy clash

Head Coach Montella addresses concerns as injury clouds Türkiye-Italy clash
Jun 5, 2024 1:37 AM

In a preparatory match held in Bologna’s Renato Dall’Ara Stadium, the Turkish National Football Team managed to secure a goalless draw against Italy, with both teams showcasing a balanced performance, according to statements made by the team’s head coach, Vincenzo Montella, during a post-match press conference.

Montella addressed concerns regarding the injury of national player Ozan Kabak, expressing deep sadness and uncertainty about his condition, stating, “Unfortunately, we are very saddened. We have not received any information regarding the issue and are awaiting updates. At this stage of the season, everyone has their dreams, and experiencing such an injury while chasing those dreams deeply saddened all of us.”

Responding to inquiries about the intensity of the match, Montella remarked, “It was not like a friendly match. We had the opportunity to capture the team spirit we were looking for on the field. Towards the end of the match, both teams were fatigued, but overall, it was a balanced game. Although Italy seemed slightly ahead statistically, with Italy having 0.67 goal expectancy and us having 0.68, it was a balanced match. While having more possession, we could have done more clear-cut work, especially with transitional plays. That’s why we opted for Abdülkadir in the second half. We also did some good work with Orkun at times. There are areas we need to develop further.”

When questioned about giving final chances to certain players before the match and shaping the last squad to be sent to UEFA, Montella emphasized the importance of physical conditions in making the final decision, stating, “I included all the players I thought were the best and believed would participate. When it comes to the final decision, physical conditions are crucial, whichever is better in terms of fitness… I can also say that this decision will change. On a positive note, today we saw two of our players wearing the A national team jersey for the first time. It was a great opportunity for them to gain experience.”

Regarding the team’s goals for EURO 2024, Montella asserted, “I can say that we are the youngest national team. It is our third consecutive championship where we have successfully qualified for the European Championship. We had not managed to advance from the group stage in the last two European Championships. I am a person with big dreams, and I like to progress with small steps while dreaming big. Therefore, our first goal is to successfully complete and advance from the group stage.”

In response to a question about Kenan Yıldız, Montella praised the young player’s development and emphasized his potential for the future, stating, “Kenan is a complete footballer who has developed physically compared to the last camp. It is worth mentioning that he is only 18 years old and still has room for improvement; a bright future awaits him. Despite being widely recognized, it is very positive that he does not lose his balance. He should continue like this.”

Last Updated:  Jun 6, 2024 3:32 PM