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FM Fidan emphasizes nuclear risks after discussions with Putin on Ukraine

FM Fidan emphasizes nuclear risks after discussions with Putin on Ukraine Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in Skopje, Macedonia on 13 June, 2024. (Anadolu Images)
By Newsroom
Jun 24, 2024 9:55 PM

In a recent live broadcast, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan disclosed details of his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, emphasizing the critical nature of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Minister Fidan highlighted the escalating regional and global costs of the war, warning of potential further escalation and geographical spread, with the grim prospect of nuclear implications.

Speaking on an exclusive television channel, Minister Fidan underscored, “The Ukraine issue is extremely significant. The ongoing war continues to pose threats to the region and the world, with escalating risks of geographical and methodological spread, including the potential use of nuclear weapons.”

Minister Fidan elaborated on the backdrop of his discussions with President Putin, mentioning extensive dialogues with various stakeholders and ultimately securing an audience with Putin. He noted the messages conveyed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and hinted at a potential upcoming meeting between the two leaders in Kazakhstan. Energy cooperation in Syria and bilateral trade were also highlighted as crucial topics.

Regarding efforts to halt the conflict, Minister Fidan emphasized Türkiye’s stance and conveyed that during his talks, President Putin outlined specific conditions for ending Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. Minister Fidan also addressed concerns over Syria, noting the absence of active hostilities between regime and opposition forces and the potential for diplomatic progress in the region.

Looking ahead, Minister Fidan expressed anticipation for President Putin’s visit to Türkiye, mentioning previous invitations extended by President Erdogan and suggesting forthcoming discussions on these matters.

In addition to geopolitical issues, Minister Fidan drew attention to Türkiye’s stance on the YPG issue, holding the United States, United Kingdom, and France responsible for problematic aspects concerning the group. He emphasized Türkiye’s commitment to combating terrorism and its concerns over the presence of YPG forces in the region.

Furthermore, Minister Fidan highlighted Türkiye’s vigilance regarding the rise of far-right movements in Europe, which he categorized as a significant threat. He pointed out historical tensions in Europe and their implications for Turkish and Muslim communities, cautioning against policies that could strengthen far-right influences.

Last Updated:  Jun 25, 2024 12:00 AM