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Türkiye ranks 18th globally with 85.3M population

Türkiye ranks 18th globally with 85.3M population People walking in Istiklal street, one of the iconic place in Beyoglu, Istanbul, Türkiye, July 06, 2023. (AA Photo)
By Newsroom
Jul 9, 2024 2:47 PM

Türkiye’s population reached 85.3 million in 2023, placing it 18th globally among 194 countries.

This data, released by Türkiye’s statistical bureau ahead of World Population Day on July 11, is based on U.N. estimates.

Top 3 populated countries

India leads with 1.43 billion people, followed by China with 1.42 billion and the United States with 339.5 million. Together, these top three countries account for nearly 40% of the global population.

Demographic breakdown

  • Türkiye’s child population stands at 26%, slightly below the global average of 29.8%. Niger and the Central African Republic lead at 55.5%.
  • Türkiye’s youth population (aged 15-24) comprises 15.1%, slightly below the global average of 15.5%. Syria leads with 24.1% in this category.
  • Monaco tops the list with 35.8% of its population being elderly, while Türkiye’s elderly population stands at 10.2%, just above the global average of 10%.

Fertility, life expectancy

  • Niger leads globally with 6.67 children per woman in 2023, compared to the global average of 2.31. Türkiye’s fertility rate is 1.51, reflecting declining birth rates.
  • Monaco leads in life expectancy with 89 years for females and 85.2 years for males. Türkiye exceeds global averages with 80.3 years for females and 74.8 years for males, based on U.N. estimates.

World Population Day

Since 1989, World Population Day on July 11 has aimed to address global population challenges, following the U.N. Development Program’s recommendation.

Last Updated:  Jul 9, 2024 2:51 PM