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120,000 rally in Tel Aviv for early elections

120,000 rally in Tel Aviv for early elections
By Newsroom
Jun 3, 2024 10:50 AM

In a historic protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, approximately 120,000 protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv, calling for early elections. This protest is considered the largest demonstration against the government since Oct. 7, when Israel began its attacks in Gaza.

Families of Israelis captured by Hamas have been protesting against Netanyahu and his government for months. Recorded as the largest demonstration to date, the massive protest in Tel Aviv drew 120,000 participants.

Call for early election 

Tens of thousands flooded the streets of Tel Aviv. The anti-government protesters chanted slogans, demanding the release of hostages, Netanyahu’s resignation, and early elections.

Clashes erupt

Clashes broke out in Democracy Square in Tel Aviv between protesters, who had lit fires, and the police, who were attempting to disperse them. Some 14 police officers, including Deputy Chief Commissioner Avi Ofer, sustained injuries during the tense standoff. The police deployed water cannons against the protesters, leading to the arrest of two demonstrators.

Largest protest

In addition to Tel Aviv, anti-Netanyahu and anti-government protests took place in various parts of the country. The demonstrations were marked as the largest anti-government protest since Oct. 7.

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 6:26 PM