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FM Fidan warns of escalating regional threat amid Gaza war

FM Fidan warns of escalating regional threat amid Gaza war
By Ahmet Kocak
Jan 16, 2024 2:11 PM

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan expressed growing concern over the conflict originating in Gaza, emphasizing its increasing global toll following a meeting with his Croatian counterpart

The war in Gaza is spreading regionally and becoming more dangerous, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said in Ankara on Tuesday after a joint press conference with his Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlic Radman.

“The massacre in Gaza is unfolding in full view of the international community. As this tragic event persists, we have consistently emphasized the looming risk of regional escalation. It would not be inaccurate to assert that the concurrent attacks in the Red Sea, Iraq, and Syria serve as a forewarning, indicating that the unfolding spiral of war originating in Gaza may evolve into an even more expansive and perilous vortex,” Fidan said.

The Minister affirmed Turkey’s commitment to actively pursue peace in Gaza, vowing to exert every possible effort to garner international recognition of the atrocities being commited by Israel. He extended a global invitation to rally support for a lasting cease-fire.

“We have consistently emphasized within the relevant forums that achieving equal sovereignty for both Palestinians and Israelis in both countries is imperative for resolving this situation and attaining lasting peace. The notion of a two-state solution is universally acknowledged as essential. The challenge now lies not in the validity of this perspective but in the practical implementation of it,” he asserted. 

Radman stated during the press conference that Turkey is a candidate country for the European Union and will continue to be a significant partner for the EU in the long term.

Source: Newsroom

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 4:41 PM