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Israel’s expanding ambitions: Türkiye is next

Israel's expanding ambitions: Türkiye is next Turkey and Israel flags together, Adobe Stock
By Newsroom
Jun 23, 2024 11:00 AM

In a bold move to realize its long-held dream of the “promised land,” Israel has intensified its military operations in Gaza and now has its sights set on Lebanon. The vision of the “promised land” encompasses territories including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Cyprus, and Türkiye, with Türkiye as a critical target.

For the past eight months, Israel has relentlessly pursued its campaign in Gaza. With Iraq and Syria already destabilized by divisive policies, Israel has now shifted its focus to Lebanon. In a clear indication of its intentions, Israeli military uniforms now bear the “promised land” emblem. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent decision to attack Lebanon has been approved by the government, signaling a new phase in Israel’s expansionist strategy.

According to Prof. Dr. Muhammed Nureddin who is a Lebanese international relations and history expert, Israel’s strategy involves weakening target countries through social unrest, economic strain, and international conspiracies to make them ripe for invasion. “The situation in Syria and Iraq is clear. Türkiye is of great importance to them right now,” he stated. “They aim to establish puppet regimes in Türkiye similar to those in Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf countries. If successful, this would remove a major obstacle in their path. Cyprus also holds a strategic position in their plans, as they seek to utilize Cypriot air and sea space for military operations against Syria and Turkiye.”

Türkiye, fully aware of these ambitions, has responded with vigilance. President Erdogan’s remarks highlighting the broader implications of the resistance in Gaza underscore Türkiye’s recognition of the wider threat. “Those resisting in Gaza are not only fighting for Gaza,” Erdogan noted, emphasizing the broader regional stakes.

Lebanese researcher Omer Huseyin highlighted Israel’s tactic of sowing military, economic, and political chaos in its target countries. “Their priority strategy is to create internal chaos in Lebanon,” Hussein said, pointing out Hezbollah’s concerns about internal instability in the event of war.

As Israel continues its aggressive policies, regional dynamics remain tense, with Türkiye standing firm against Zionist ambitions threatening its sovereignty and stability.

Last Updated:  Jun 23, 2024 11:18 AM