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Israel’s PM Netanyahu denies plans to occupy Gaza

Israel's PM Netanyahu denies plans to occupy Gaza
By Ahmet Kocak
Jan 11, 2024 9:29 AM

Israeli PM Netanyahu, who had previously said that they were trying to send Palestinian civilians to a third country, states that they had no intention of displacing the civilian population in Gaza after the war and permanent occupation

Tel Aviv has no intention of permanently occupying the Gaza Strip and displacing its civilian population, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised speech on Wednesday, which he shared on the social media platform X.

“I want to clarify some points. Israel has no intention of permanently occupying Gaza or displacing its civilian population,” he said.

Netanyahu argued that Israel was fighting Hamas, not the Palestinian people and that it was doing so in full compliance with international law. He claimed that the Israeli army was making every effort to minimize civilian casualties.

He also claimed that the Israeli army encouraged Palestinian civilians to evacuate the war zones by distributing leaflets, making phone calls, and providing safe corridors. At the same time, Hamas prevented them from leaving at gunpoint, often by opening fire.

“Our goal is to liberate Gaza from Hamas and free the Israeli hostages. Once this is achieved, Gaza can be free of weapons and radicalization. This will open up the possibility of a better future for both Israel and the Palestinians,” he stated.

According to a report published by the Israeli daily HaYom on Dec. 25, 2023, Netanyahu stated in a meeting with Likud party MPs that the main problem was the countries ready to accept refugees.

Israel’s MP Danny Danon, who also addressed the issue of the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza, pointed out that the world is discussing this issue and said that a team should be formed within Israel for those who want to leave Gaza and go to another country.

Source: Newsroom


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