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EU makes millions off rejected visas in Türkiye, Africa

EU makes millions off rejected visas in Türkiye, Africa
By Newsroom
Jun 7, 2024 2:46 PM

EU observer reports that EU governments earned 130 million euros ($141.63 million) from rejected Schengen visa applications in 2023, up from 105 million euros in 2022, based on data from consultancy LAGO Collective. Despite visa rejections, the application fees, currently 80 euros and set to rise to 90 euros from June 11, are non-refundable.

Türkiye shares the same destiny with Africa in this case. Türkiye, the only official EU candidate country without visa-free travel to Europe, faces significant visa refusals, adding to economic hardships for its citizens.

Rejection rates are notably high

LAGO Collective’s Marta Foresti and Otho Mantegazza found that 90% of the 130 million euro revenue came from African and Asian countries. Rejection rates are notably high in low-income African nations like Ghana, Senegal, and Nigeria, reaching 40% to 50%.

Foresti highlighted the financial burden as “reverse remittances,” where funds flow from poorer to wealthier nations, urging for change in the discussion around aid and migration.

EU makes millions off rejected visas in Türkiye, Africa
Credit: LAGO Collective. Data analysis by Otho Mantegazza. All data, interactive version of the chart, sources and methodology available on LAGO Collective.

Visa rejection remains major issue between Türkiye and EU

Despite fulfilling most criteria for EU membership, Türkiye still faces significant political and bureaucratic hurdles, impacting travel and business. The long-standing candidate remains a crucial economic and defense partner for the EU, but visa challenges continue to hinder relations.

Data from the Schengen Visa Info website revealed that in 2022, 15% of the 778,000 Schengen visa applications from Türkiye were denied. During the same period, despite Western sanctions due to the war in Ukraine, the rejection rate for Russian visa applications was 10%.

Last Updated:  Jun 25, 2024 8:29 AM