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Finance Minister Simsek engages in investor meetings in London

Finance Minister Simsek engages in investor meetings in London Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek delivers a speech during an event, in Istanbul, Türkiye, May 29, 2024. (AA Photo)
By Anadolu Agency
Jun 19, 2024 5:11 PM

Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek Wednesday continued his investor meetings abroad, this time in the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

According to ministry sources, following his visit in October 2023, Simsek will once again participate in investor meetings in London. The London meetings, starting today, will continue until Friday.


As part of the meetings organized by investment banks JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Dome Group, Simsek will meet with hundreds of investors. He will engage with portfolio investors, major global investment funds and credit rating agencies.

Chatham House Conference

Additionally, Simsek will attend the London Conference of Chatham House, one of the world’s leading think tanks. Here, he will discuss recent developments in the Turkish economy and the economic program with high-level participants.

Since taking office, Minister Simsek has been participating in investor meetings in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, presenting the country’s economic program and investment opportunities.

Last Updated:  Jun 21, 2024 11:13 AM