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Turkish Airlines surpasses 25 million passengers

May 9, 2024

Turkish Airlines reveals impressive growth in passenger numbers and cargo volume for April 2024

In a note on the Public Disclosure Platform, Turkish Airlines (THY) unveiled its traffic results for April 2024.

Compared to April 2023, where the total number of passengers stood at 6.5 million, this year witnessed a notable increase of 6.9%, reaching 7 million passengers during the same period. While international transfer passenger numbers saw a marginal rise from 2.46 million to 2.47 million, marking a 0.5% increase from April last year.

The passenger load factor for April surged by 0.8 percentage points compared to the same period in 2023, reaching 80.7%. Within this, the international load factor stood at 80%, while the domestic load factor reached 86.5%.

Total available seat kilometers (ASK) rose by 8.4%, climbing from 18.7 billion in April last year to 20.3 billion this year.

Moreover, cargo and mail volume witnessed a significant uptick from 120.9 thousand tons in April 2023 to 162.5 thousand tons in April 2024, reflecting a substantial increase of 34.4%.

During the January-April period of 2023, THY recorded a total of 23.6 million passengers. This year, however, the numbers showed a notable growth of 8%, reaching 25.5 million passengers.

Furthermore, international transfer passenger numbers for the same period rose from 9.4 million to 10.1 million, marking a 7.7% increase.

Despite a slight dip of 0.4 percentage points, the passenger load factor for the January-April period remained robust at 80.5%, with international and domestic load factors at 80.2% and 83.7%, respectively.

Total available seat kilometers (ASK) surged by 11.8% from 70.4 billion in the January-April period of 2023 to 78.7 billion this year.

Cargo and mail volume also saw a substantial rise, increasing by 35.1% from 473.7 thousand tons in January-April 2023 to 640 thousand tons in the same period of 2024.

As of the end of April, Turkish Airlines’ fleet is comprised of 455 aircraft.

Source: Newsroom

Last Updated:  May 31, 2024 5:50 PM