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Biden urges Hamas to accept new hostage deal proposal green-lit by Israel

Biden urges Hamas to accept new hostage deal proposal green-lit by Israel
By Newsroom
May 31, 2024 9:04 PM

US President Joe Biden revealed a new comprehensive hostage agreement plan on Friday, recently authorized by Israel, and urged Hamas to accept the conditions. The idea seeks to guarantee the release of all hostages, maintain Israel’s security, and prepare the ground for a future political solution between Israelis and Palestinians.

In a statement, Biden emphasized the importance of the deal, describing it as a plan “that brings all the hostages home, ensures Israel’s security, creates a better day after in Gaza without Hamas in power, and sets the stage for a political settlement that provides a better future for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

The plan, sent to Hamas via Qatar, involves a three-phase approach.

The first phase, which lasts six weeks, comprises a complete cease-fire and the departure of Israeli soldiers from populous areas of Gaza. During this phase, many hostages, including women, the elderly, and the injured, are released in return for hundreds of Palestinian detainees.

The initial phase includes American hostages. In addition, the bodies of deceased hostages will be delivered to their respective families. During this time, Palestinian citizens will return to their homes in Gaza, with a daily flood of 600 trucks providing humanitarian aid.

During the six-week period, Israel and Hamas are scheduled to discuss further parameters to go on to phase two. The conversations, which are sponsored by the United States, Egypt, and Qatar, are critical for moving to the next step.

Phase two tries to achieve a permanent stop of hostilities following successful discussions. This phase would involve the release of all remaining Israeli hostages, including male troops, as well as the complete departure of Israeli forces from Gaza. Biden emphasized that the interim truce would be durable as long as Hamas kept its pledges.

Finally, phase three would begin with a big rehabilitation plan for Gaza and the final repatriation of hostages who had been slain.

“This new proposal has three phases,” Biden stated. “It is a road map for an ongoing ceasefire and the release of all captives. Qatar has relayed this proposition to Hamas.”

Despite efforts to obtain the first phase of the accord, National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi has expressed reservations about the present government’s willingness to accept a pact contingent on the conclusion of the conflict. This phase may result in the release of up to 33 female, aged, and ailing captives.

Last weekend, CIA Director William Burns, Mossad Chief David Barnea, and Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani met in Paris to reopen hostage discussions, resulting in the amended plan that has now been offered to Hamas.

However, Hamas has stated that it will not begin indirect negotiations with Israel unless all bloodshed in Gaza ends. As discussions continue, the international world remains vigilant, hoping for a settlement in this protracted struggle.

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 3:36 AM