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Denizli Chamber of Commerce boosts trade relations with Uzbekistan

Denizli Chamber of Commerce boosts trade relations with Uzbekistan Denizli Chamber of Commerce hosts Uzbekistan's Namangan Region delegation, strengthening trade ties and exploring new investment opportunities (Ihlas News Agency)
By Ihlas News Agency
Jul 11, 2024 3:07 PM

Denizli Chamber of Commerce (DCC) continues to enhance sectoral collaboration and international trade. DCC head Ugur Erdogan hosted a delegation from Uzbekistan, led by Namangan Region Gov. Shavkat Abdurazakov. Uzbek and Denizli businesspeople convened at DCC to discuss commercial opportunities and potential investments.

The official delegation accompanying Abdurazakov included Counselor at the Uzbek Embassy in Ankara Masrab Mamirov, Deputy Governor of Namangan Kibjon Inamov, Mayor of Namangan Anvar Otakhodjaev, Deputy Mayor of Namangan Abdulkhamid Komolkhonov, Mayor of Chartak District Ilkhom Sattarov, Deputy Chairman of the Namangan Investment and Trade Office Khondamir Akhunbabaev, Textile Industry Institute rector Kurbonali Kholikov, Regional Tourism Office head Otabek Rasulov and Chief of Staff Ahmad Mamadjanov. The delegation also comprised Uzbek businesspeople with investments in textiles, greenhouse farming, livestock, food, floriculture, tourism, and pharmaceuticals in the Namangan region.

DCC head Erdogan welcomed the delegation at the DCC and first hosted them in his office before moving to a broader meeting at the DCC building. The meeting included numerous DCC members from various sectors, as well as Oktay Mersin, a member of the DTO High Advisory Council (YIK) and head of the South Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Federation (GESIFED).

‘Trade relations between our countries should continue to grow’

In his opening remarks, Erdogan highlighted Denizli’s commercial and industrial potential and introduced the Denizli Chamber of Commerce. He emphasized the importance of strengthening the brotherly ties between the two countries through new initiatives and expressed his hope for facilitating new ventures. Erdogan pointed out that the meeting hosted by the DCC is a significant step toward advancing friendly relations between Türkiye and Uzbekistan in trade and industry.

“We have seven companies with Uzbek capital registered with the Denizli Chamber of Commerce. We aim to increase this number through new investments and commercial collaborations. Last year, our exports from Denizli to Uzbekistan grew by approximately 33% compared to the previous year. In 2024, we had already approached the export figures of 2022 before completing the first half of the year, and compared to the same period last year, we had increased by approximately 77%. Our state leaders have set a goal to increase trade volume between our countries to $5 billion, and we will strive to contribute with all our might to this goal,” he stated.

‘We have many similarities with Denizli’

Shavkat Abdurazakov, governor of Namangan Region, stressed the importance of their presence in Denizli to accomplish the goal set by the two presidents.

“We will contribute as much as we can towards this goal. Our industry’s main sectors are textile, machinery, metal processing, food processing, and agriculture sectors are the main sectors of our industry. Our region has 38,000 companies, 7,000 of which are industrial enterprises, and 2,000 of these are in the textile sector. We produce over 250,000 tons of cotton annually and process all of it in these enterprises.

We have many commonalities with Denizli, especially in home textiles. Namangan has a developed textile industry, and our companies export their products mainly to Europe. We undertake significant projects in men’s clothing and produce for world-renowned European fashion brands.

In our 73 small industrial zones, 2,000 companies operate, employing 63,000 people. Our government provides substantial support for infrastructure and offers exemptions from customs duties in these industrial zones. Over the past four years, Namangan’s foreign trade volume with Turkish companies has reached $281 million, with $124 million exported and the remainder imported. Our potential is even higher.

I hope today’s meeting and our future discussions will help maximize this potential. This year, our traditional 40-day flower festival attracted 200,000 international and 6 million domestic visitors. We invite the DTO management, members, and Denizli businessmen to the 64th festival next year,” he said.

Denizli Chamber of Commerce boosts trade relations with Uzbekistan
Denizli Chamber of Commerce Ugur Erdogan (R) presents Namangan Region Gov. Shavkat Abdurazakov with a figurine of the Denizli rooster, Denizli, Türkiye, July 11, 2024. (Ihlas News Agency)

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session. Erdogan presented Abdurazakov with a figurine of the Denizli rooster, the city’s symbol, while the latter gave Erdogan a gift depicting Namangan.

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