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Pakistan to maintain ban on X on grounds of threat to national security

Pakistan to maintain ban on X on grounds of threat to national security Yes, we blocked X over national security concerns: Pak govt tells the court, US, , April 17, 2024 (AFP Photo)
By Anadolu Agency
Jul 9, 2024 1:10 PM

The Pakistani government told a court that X is a “threat to the national security” and cannot be restored, justifying a months-long ban on the social media platform in the country, local media reported Monday.

The Interior Ministry, in a written response to the Sindh High Court in June, which is hearing multiple petitions against the ban imposed in late May, defended its action, saying that it has no plans to restore the app.

The ministry contended that all legal procedures were followed before shutting the app, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Claiming that the content uploaded on X, “particularly targeting national institutions, required decisive action to prevent potential destabilization,” it argued that the ban on X does not violate the relevant articles of the country’s constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and expression.

The government banned the social media platform on Feb. 17, days after widespread protests against alleged rigging in the general elections, drawing widespread public outcry.

Pakistan’s powerful military has regularly been calling critical social media campaigns “digital terrorism.”

In May, Army Chief Gen. Asim Munir warned that “inimical” forces and their abettors have unleashed “digital terrorism” and are trying hard to create a division between armed forces and the people of Pakistan through peddling “lies, fake news and propaganda.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Last Updated:  Jul 9, 2024 1:35 PM