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‘We relieved stress by shooting civilians,’ Israeli soldiers admit atrocities in Gaza

'We relieved stress by shooting civilians,' Israeli soldiers admit atrocities in Gaza Israeli soldiers pose in front of the destroyed Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza (Photo via Israeli Defense Forces)
By Newsroom
Jul 10, 2024 2:17 PM

In a chilling revelation, six Israeli soldiers who participated in the Gaza attacks have confessed to committing atrocities against Palestinian civilians.

The soldiers admitted to randomly shooting civilians, setting houses on fire and leaving bodies to decompose in the streets. These confessions were reported by the Tel Aviv-based website “+972” in collaboration with “local call.”

‘We relieved stress by shooting’

The soldiers, now no longer on active duty, disclosed that the Israeli army routinely executed Palestinian civilians who entered areas designated as “no-go zones.” They described leaving the bodies to rot and be eaten by street animals, only hiding them when international aid convoys were expected.

Two soldiers recounted witnessing a systematic policy of setting Palestinian homes on fire after occupying them.

Sources indicated that soldiers would relieve stress by firing indiscriminately, with one soldier stating, “If there’s even a sense of threat, you just shoot with no need any explanation.”

‘Orders came from commanders’

One soldier described how anyone looking out a window could be deemed suspicious and shot. Another soldier revealed the army would open intense, unprovoked fire in seemingly deserted areas, acting on direct orders from field commanders, and sometimes even without higher command instructions.

‘Shoot first, ask questions later’

A soldier explained the operating method during the attacks as “shoot first, then ask questions,” indicating a consensus among soldiers that unnecessary destruction of homes or killing of individuals was not questioned or mourned.

School attack results in 29 deaths

The ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have now lasted 278 days. Recently, the Israeli army targeted a school in Khan Yunis. The attack on the al-Awda School, sheltering displaced Palestinians, resulted in the death of at least 29 people, mostly women and children.

Civilian death traps

Following new evacuation orders issued by the Israeli army for certain areas in Gaza, tens of thousands of people began to relocate once again.

The Gaza government accused Israel of using these evacuations as a tactic to lead civilians into death traps, murder and repeated field executions.

Last Updated:  Jul 10, 2024 2:17 PM