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Health issues limit Türkiye’s wunderkind Arda Guler’s playtime, says Montella

Health issues limit Türkiye's wunderkind Arda Guler's playtime, says Montella Vincenzo Montella's press conference at Konya Metropolitan Stadium, Konya, Türkiye, on October 14, 2023, (TFF)
By Newsroom
Jun 26, 2024 9:56 AM

Türkiye’s national football team coach Vincenzo Montella addressed recent criticism of his squad selection for the Portugal match, emphasizing unity and the need for fan support moving forward.

‘Its time to support our players’

Montella acknowledged the positive feedback from veteran players and called out “unfair criticisms” aimed at the team. He stressed the importance of maintaining focus and a positive attitude, highlighting their aim to advance from the group stage.

“We are not relying on other results,” Montella declared. “It’s time to support our players.” He acknowledged the pressure of the job but emphasized the team’s shared goal of success.

Looking ahead to their next match, Montella expressed confidence: “Tomorrow is an important opportunity for us. We are in a positive situation.” He specifically appealed to the team’s true fans, urging their support “from the first whistle.”

“There is no other national team. These players have made us smile recently. The boys need this support,” he said.

Arda not fit enough to play for 90 min

Following heavy criticism for not starting Arda Guler against Portugal, Montella offered an explanation centered on the young player’s fitness.

“There’s been some confusion about Arda Guler,” Montella said. “He’s not physically ready for extended playing time. His previous appearance wasn’t my decision, but based on medical advice.”

Montella referenced a now-public video, seemingly highlighting Guler’s limitations. “After consulting doctors again, it was clear Arda couldn’t maintain sprinting for long stretches. This restricts his activity level.”

He concluded by saying: “Arda has been training the past two days, but his fitness wasn’t sufficient to start. The outcome of the match reflects this to some degree.”

Last Updated:  Jun 26, 2024 11:08 AM