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Arquus CEO acknowledges Türkiye’s competitive role in global defense industry

Arquus CEO acknowledges Türkiye's competitive role in global defense industry Arquus, a unit of Volvo AB, is pictured at the production plant in Limoges, France, April 6, 2023. (Reuters Photos)
By Newsroom
Jun 20, 2024 1:08 PM

Emmanuel Levacher, the CEO of French armored vehicle producer Arquus, spoke highly of Türkiye’s defense companies, highlighting their competitiveness in the global market in a recent statement at the Eurosatory defense fair in France.

Levacher noted that defense firms from Türkiye and various other countries, including Europe, are aggressively competing in the market.

Competition in export markets

The armored vehicle industry in Europe faces stiff competition from companies in Türkiye, South Korea, Israel and South Africa for international orders. Türkiye firms, in particular, are becoming a significant competitive threat in Europe, actively vying for armor orders.

Similarity in concept, regulation

As a NATO member, Türkiye companies offer products that align closely with those from European Union firms regarding concepts and regulations. While not necessarily cheaper because of technology costs, Türkiye defense armored-vehicle makers are competitive in cost.

Investment in products, technologies

Levacher acknowledged Türkiye’s significant investments in product development and technologies, leading to the emergence of strong players in the Türkiye defense industry. He emphasized respect for their progress and noted that lower labor costs in Türkiye contribute to their competitiveness.

Arquus CEO acknowledges Türkiye's competitive role in global defense industry
The domestically produced Boran Howitzer exported by MKE, Ankara, Türkiye, May 12, 2023 (AA Photo)

Levacher’s comments reflect a recognition of Türkiye’s growing influence and competitiveness in the global defense market, particularly in armored vehicle manufacturing.

Last Updated:  Jun 20, 2024 1:32 PM