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Turkish journalist detained in Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi comments

Turkish journalist detained in Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi comments A picture of Turkish journalist Kurtulus Demirbas, in a stadium. (Photo obtained via Newsroom)
By Newsroom
Jul 10, 2024 8:59 AM

Journalist Kurtulus Demirbas, who traveled to Saudi Arabia to cover U19 football matches, has been missing since July 6 after reportedly being detained. His wife, Pinar Demirbas, last spoke to him on July 5 while he was preparing to return to Türkiye.

Kurtulus Demirbas’ recent comments on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi are speculated to be the reason behind his detention. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to clarify the situation and ensure his safe return.

‘I fear for my husband’s safety’

Demirbas expressed her deep concern for her husband’s safety, stating that he was detained by three unidentified individuals at Taif King Fahd Stadium. “I fear for my husband’s safety,” she said, adding that she learned about his detention through his colleagues.

In her appeal to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Pinar detailed the circumstances of her husband’s disappearance. “On July 6, at around 1 a.m., my husband was taken by three unknown individuals who first checked his passport and then led him away without explanation,” she wrote.

“He was taken to a building behind the stadium and has not been heard from since.”

Türkiye is urgently seeking information

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has requested information from Saudi authorities regarding Demirbas’ whereabouts and the reasons for his detention.

Diplomatic sources confirmed that the issue was brought to the ministry’s attention on the evening of July 8, and steps are being taken to monitor the situation closely. The family is being kept informed of any developments.

“We have formally requested information from the Saudi authorities without delay. The matter is being followed closely, and the family is receiving regular updates,” a ministry official stated.

Last Updated:  Jul 11, 2024 7:46 PM
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