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Clashes erupt as Israeli settlers enter Joseph’s tomb in the West Bank

Clashes erupt as Israeli settlers enter Joseph's tomb in the West Bank
By Yagiz Efe Parmaksiz
Apr 27, 2024 12:31 AM

Tensions in the occupied West Bank escalate as Palestinians clashed with Israeli settlers who entered Joseph’s tomb in Nablus

Tensions flared in the northern occupied West Bank on Friday as clashes erupted between Palestinians and illegal Israeli settlers who entered Joseph’s tomb in the city of Nablus.

Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces provided protection to the illegal settlers during their incursion into the revered site, sparking confrontations with Palestinian residents.

The raid on Joseph’s tomb, situated in eastern Nablus, reignited longstanding tensions in the region. The site holds significance for both Muslims and Jews, with the latter believing it to be the burial place of the biblical figure Joseph. Muslims, however, dispute this claim, citing it as the resting place of Sheikh Yussef Dawiqat, an Islamic cleric from centuries ago.

The incident comes amidst a series of incursions by illegal settlers into archaeological sites across the West Bank since the start of the Jewish Passover holiday earlier this week. Passover, commemorating the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, is a pivotal religious observance for the Jewish community.

Simultaneously, the Israeli army conducted raids in several West Bank governorates, including Jenin, Qalqilya, Tulkarm, Bethlehem, and Hebron. Incursions were also reported in the Jalazone refugee camp north of Ramallah, resulting in the arrest of at least three Palestinians, including a woman.

Tensions have escalated across the West Bank following a deadly military offensive launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip in response to a Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023. The offensive, which claimed thousands of lives, led to a surge in violence in the occupied territories, with hundreds of Palestinians killed and thousands injured by Israeli army actions, according to the Health Ministry.

Amid international scrutiny, Israel faces accusations of genocide at the International Court of Justice. In a recent interim ruling in January, the court ordered Israel to cease genocidal acts and ensure the provision of humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, adding to the already heightened tensions in the region.

Source: AFP

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