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N. Korea flexes ‘Haeil-5-23’ underwater nuclear system amid regional drills

By Ahmet Kocak
Jan 19, 2024 11:57 AM

DPRK announces it has tested an ‘underwater nuclear weapon system’ in response to joint naval exercises conducted by South Korea, the U.S. and Japan

North Korea tested an “underwater nuclear weapon system” developed by the North Korean Academy of Defense Sciences, called “Haeil-5-23”, in response to the joint naval exercises conducted by South Korea, the United States and Japan in the south of the Korean Peninsula, KCNA reported.

“Our military’s underwater nuclear response capability has been further upgraded. Our deterrent actions at sea and underwater against hostile maneuvers of the navies of the United States and its allies will continue,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The weapon system allegedly uses unmanned underwater vehicles with nuclear warheads.

The navies of South Korea, the U.S., and Japan held joint naval exercises with the participation of the U.S. aircraft carrier Carl Vinson on Dec. 15-17.

Source: KCNA

Last Updated:  Jun 5, 2024 4:45 PM