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Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun talk about their dreams ahead of EURO 2024

Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun talk about their dreams ahead of EURO 2024
By Ferhat Kiziltas
Jun 3, 2024 3:15 PM

We met with Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun, who are among the national team for EURO 2024, ahead of the tournament. Both stars stated that they were ready for the big tournament in Germany and emphasized the need to work hard.

Sharing their views before EURO 2024 in Germany, both players expressed their excitement and honor.

Can Uzun, who played 32 matches for Bundesliga 2 Team Nürnberg, contributed 19 goals and 4 assists, while Kenan Yildiz from Juventus scored 4 goals and 2 assists in 32 matches.

Was the national match against Germany a turning point for you? How do you manage to appear so confident?

Kenan Yildiz: We could say the match against Germany was somewhat of a turning point, but I was also playing for Juventus’ first team at that time. As for confidence and the shots I took, it’s something I do spontaneously and comfortably during the match. It’s not something I do by thinking about it, but naturally.

You have young players playing in major European leagues. There are high expectations from the national team at EURO 2024; does this put extra pressure on you?

Kenan Yildiz: As footballers, we want to work hard and prepare in the best way possible. I know we have a job that involves pressure and that we need to deal with it.

Can Uzun: I agree with Kenan on this point. We have a young and talented team, but we can only achieve the best by working hard. We cannot predict what we will do right now.

Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun talk about their dreams ahead of EURO 2024

How is your communication with the more experienced players on the team?

Can Uzun: We constantly talk with our experienced brothers. Especially with players like Hakan Calhanoglu, who has a rich past, we discuss what we will face and what we need to do. Being with them is very valuable for us.

Playing in EURO 2024 is every footballer’s dream. How does this make you feel? You are young players; what are your dreams for the national team?

Kenan Yildiz: We are very young, and we feel great. It is an honor to be able to play here because you represent your country, and these are beautiful feelings.

Can Uzun: We have a great generation, and we want to enjoy it. We also want to make everyone proud.

How is your relationship with National Team Coach Vincenzo Montella? He trusts you a lot and included you in the EURO 2024 squad.

Kenan Yildiz: First of all, I would like to thank our supporters. I hope they are all following us positively. Our coach is very important for us. He is always very close to us and cares a lot about us.

Can Uzun: I would like to thank our coach because he gave us the chance to represent our country and shared his experiences with us.

Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun talk about their dreams ahead of EURO 2024

How do you see the excitement in the National Team? Will this team go on a historic journey?

Can Uzun: We have a very good generation, but I won’t promise anything like “we will do this.” We know that we can achieve success only by working very hard. We know that we can achieve these successes with young, talented, experienced footballers, and a very good coach and staff. We just need to show this by working very hard.

Kenan Yildiz: We don’t promise anything, but we are aware that we can achieve our goals only by working very hard. The beauty of football lies in this. Because you can be a very good player and team, but you can also lose to the worst team.

Who are your role models in football?

Kenan Yildiz: Juventus legend Del Piero. In Türkiye, Hakan Calhanoglu. Also, İlhan Mansiz.

Can Uzun: My role model has always been Lionel Messi.

EURO 2024 will be in Germany, and you were both born there. Do you talk to your friends there? How do you feel?

Kenan Yildiz: Of course, we are happy to be in Germany; there are many of our citizens there. We will represent our country there. We will have great support. The cities we will play in are places we haven’t been before. We hadn’t had the opportunity to go to Dortmund and Hamburg. Now, being there is exciting.

Can Uzun: We are both very happy and honored. I have had a very good friendship with Kenan for the past 10 years. We played together in indoor football fields and worked out in fitness centers together. We will experience the honor of representing our country in the country we grew up in. This is a very special feeling.

Kenan Yildiz and Can Uzun talk about their dreams ahead of EURO 2024

When we want to form the starting 11 for EURO 2024, we are undecided, as it’s sad to leave any player out. How would you like to evaluate the squad?

Kenan Yildiz: We are all good players, but we don’t decide who plays. Our coach will decide, and we’re ready for that.

Can Uzun: That is our coach’s job. When given a task, we simply do our best.

To Kenan Yildiz: Portugal is one of the most important teams in the group. Do you have extra excitement for that match?

Kenan Yildiz: When you look at it, Portugal seems to have a good team, but we shouldn’t forget the other two teams in the group. Every opponent we face there is a very good team. So, it is up to us to do our best on the field.

There is something elese…one of my role models, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be in Portugal. Its a source of happiness for me.

To Can Uzun: Can you talk about your playing style? Let’s get to know you better.

Actually, I don’t like to talk much about myself. I can only say this: I can play in positions 8, 9, and 10 on the field. I can dribble and shoot. I think I had a good season this year. I want to continue this.

To Can Uzun: Enes Unal was injured and removed from the squad. You can also play as a forward. What would you like to say?

Hearing about Enes Unal’s injury really saddened us. I sent him my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope he recovers soon. Our coach will make the final decision. Wherever he gives me a chance, I will do my best.

Still, if you ask me, I don’t prefer to play as a forward. I prefer to take the ball and dribble, and play on the wing. I started playing midfield when I was a child, and then I moved to the left position. No matter what task I am given, I will do my best.

To Kenan Yildiz: Will you grow your hair out again? You had a nice incident with your coach Allegri at Juventus about this.

Everyone saw the hair thing differently, but he had been joking with me for a long time. That’s why I cut it, but now I prefer this hairstyle. I will decide in the future whether to grow it out or not.

What do you do outside of football? How do you spend your time?

Kenan Yildiz: Since Can and I grew up together, we used to like playing basketball when we found time. Our relatives would also join us. Because football takes up so much time, we couldn’t do other things.

I started getting interested in music a year ago. I didn’t care much before. I just started listening to it recently.

I can’t say I like just one Turkish dish, but since my mother is German, I couldn’t eat Turkish dishes, but thanks to Can Uzun, I grew up with Turkish food.

Can is also very good at playing game consoles. He wins a lot.

Can Uzun, you were born in Germany, but you are originally from Rize. Do you know much about that city?

Can Uzun: My mother is from Trabzon, and my father is from Rize. My family is there right now. I have never been there. Of course, I would like to visit. My father used to say it is a very beautiful city.

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